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Our Lives Change When Our Habits Change

Can I be honest with you? I definitely thought about not writing this week. It would have been much easier to just say “Merry Christmas” and “See you in the New Year.”

But I was really conflicted. I’ve been shocked and amazed by the feedback the email distribution has gotten and the discussions in the Three Action Thursday Facebook Group have been awesome so far. So instead here we are…I won’t bail this week.

So today I thought we could talk about the following…

  1. Our lives changing when our habits change.
  2. Book Recommendation Time
  3. Creating a Side Hustle that will change your life


New Year’s resolutions are the worst. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with them. So how about this. I WON’T TALK ABOUT THEM!!! Instead….

We KNOW what it takes to be happier, smarter, and a better person…But we just don’t choose to do them. Ultimately, decisions form our actions, those actions form our habits, and those habits form our character. AND YOUR CHARACTER makes you who you are and determines your happiness in life.

So rather than resolutions, let’s focus on establishing habits that change our lives.

**Action: Watch this 5-minute video by Matthew Kelly about habits. Then take another 5-minutes to determine what changes you want to make in your life. Take the 10 minutes! You are worth it!!!**


The holidays are time for family, friends, and fellowship. BUT, this is a tough time of year for many. People have lost loved ones, are lonely, depressed, some are sick, and often many people focus on the things they feel like they are missing in life instead of what they have. Know anyone like that? Well, let’s help them…TOGETHER!!!

I highly recommend reading Matthew Kelly’s book “Resisting Happiness

**Action: Read Resisting Happiness & then loan the book to a friend who could use some encouragement!**


Many people don’t know this, but real estate is my second business that started as a Side Hustle. Now I actually run two successful businesses!!! We can talk about how I effectively succeed at both at a later time, but what I can tell you is that having a second business has fundamentally changed my life and the lives of my family for generations to come. And it all started with wanting to help others and make a little extra money for my family.

Maybe you are interested in doing the same? Let’s talk more about it in the Three Action Thursday FB Group.

**Action: In the meantime check out Nick Loper’s list of over 100 side hustle ideas. Also, if you like podcasts…you can listen to Nick’s Side Hustle Nation Podcast too!**

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