The Pandemic Made You Lazy
Three Action Thursday

Laziness and Aggregation

This week, Three Action Thursday focuses on laziness and news aggregation (not aggravation) for efficiency. After that, some solid quotes to get you thinking about your life.

Video I Watched

The Pandemic Made You Lazy. In life and in business, the pandemic made us lazy. Maybe this sentence is true for you, maybe it is not. However, I bet most people if they are being honest will say they took their foot off of the gas pedal a bit. In this video Patrick Bet-David (PBD) focuses on business, however, it can definitely be applied to your personal life and how things have changed post-pandemic. Let PBD challenge you a bit.

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Some Email Newsletters I Enjoy

Ever wonder where I get some of my ideas for Three Action Thursday topics and content? Well many of them come from a few newsletters I subscribe to that help me make sense of what is going on in the world without me having to scour the internet for it. I find the news aggregation to a single email as amazingly helpful.

  • The Daily Stoic – A daily email filled with stoic and virtue-focused content; designed to help you cultivate strength, insight, and wisdom to live your best life. Subscribe here
  • Morning Brew – This day in history, a daily news aggregator, the stock market, and a fun daily quiz question. Subscribe Here
  • Emerging Tech Brew – Same as above but focuses exclusively on emerging technologies. Subscribe here
  • The Hustle – A daily newsletter on the latest in business and technology. Subscribe here 

Quotes I am Pondering

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action.  If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.  

~ Tony Robbins, American life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.  

~ Brian Tracy, self-help author and motivational speaker

I don’t journal to ‘be productive.’  I don’t do it to find great ideas or to put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren’t intended for anyone but me. It’s the most cost-effective therapy I’ve ever found.” 

~ Tim Ferriss, American entrepreneur, investor, author

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