Three Action Thursday

Are You Gritty?

Ever dream of being financially independent?

Or running a more efficient household?

Or growing a successful business?

None of these things happen overnight. It comes from consistently doing the things we know we are supposed to do over a long period of time. This week we’ll cover….

  1. What is ‘grit’? And why we as a society and within our families need more of it?
  2. A follow up to bucket filling (for kids).
  3. Financial literacy is in the toilet. Don’t be in the toilet.


I believe any success that I have had has largely occurred because of perseverance. Often people like to say “life is short”, but it is not. In fact, by applying consistent (even small) pressure towards a goal can have incredible compounding effects over time. And your ability to keep moving forward even after set backs establishes grit.

I feel like ‘grit’ is an under utilized word. It’s something we need to find in ourselves and definitely something we should be teaching our kids.

**Action: Watch this 6 minute Ted Talk clip from Angela Duckworth called Grit: The power of passion and perseverance. And if you find it interesting you should check out her book by the same title.**


Got an email from a close friend and 3AT reader, Maura, who said this past week she used the How Full is Your Bucket metaphor with her kids on a snow day when they were ALL trapped in the house. She said it worked swimmingly and her kids were even asking each other for status on the fullness of each others’ buckets. So awesome!….

If you remember, Tom Rath’s book “How Full is Your Bucket?” describes a metaphor for how we make others feel or how they make us feel. Did that person “fill your bucket” by making you feel more positive? Or did that person “take from your bucket,” leaving you more negative than before?

So I looked it up and sure enough, Tom has a book for kids “How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids“.

**Action: Click the links above and purchase one of the books! They are quick reads. Maybe try it out with your kids!!**


Did you know that the literacy rate in the United States is 86%? Not too bad, but wish it were better.

BUT did you know that the FINANCIAL literacy rate in the United States is ONLY 50%? That’s ASTONISHINGLY bad!!! How is it that half of Americans do not understand the basics of money. Time for us as a nation to tighten up our game….


1. Read, watch, and listen to content that is going to increase your FINANCIAL LITERACY

Example: Earlier this week a Business Insider piece was released that covers the 6 TED TALKS to help you be better with money. Watch at least two of these!!!

2. Want financial independence. Find a mentor! Find someone who has done it.

This week in our Three Action Thursday Facebook Group, a good friend of mine who happens to be financially independent is going to answer your questions related to how he did it, lessons learned etc.**

Thanks EVERYONE!!!


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