Three Action Thursday


I am excited because I am bringing five (5) people with me to the The Ultimate Wealth and Achievement Summit in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll do a summary piece afterward! I think it’s going to be awesome!

I’ve got THREE new actions for you this week. Today we’ll be covering:

  1. I’m bored. (Personal Finance)
  2. Self Affirmation for kids. (Personal Development)
  3. 7-Levels of Communication. (Relationship Building)


Personal finance is BORING! Once you have established your dream life state and come up with a plan to achieve it is very easy to get bored. Especially once investing is on auto-pilot and retirement is only a matter of time. Good investing is boring. And that is ‘ok’.  But your learning is not finished! The general personal finance advice given by Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, CNN Money, Money Magazine, etc. do not apply to you. You need to seek advice from other resources. It is time to transcend and be weird.

Investment Planning


If you want a peek at the “next level”, I suggest you start with Mark Tepper’s book,  “Exceptional Wealth: Clear Strategies to Protect and Grow Your Net Worth”.  This book is perfect for the person who is approaching $1,000,000 in net worth or is already above that. Those whose wealth exceeds $1,000,000 will likely benefit most from the keys and myths that Tepper outlines, but this book is relevant for anyone looking to take the next step in wealth accumulation and preservation.

**Action: Pick up the book. Read it with the understanding that you are likely going to have to read it again once you reach the 7-figure net worth range.**


Previously, I have talked about the positive outcomes that can result from using affirmations. Along those lines, I wanted to share a new book with you. My friends Ryan and January Donovan released their first of what I expect to be many books. Their book is geared directly toward families with children. It is called “This Is Me, The Me I Choose To Be: Mindset Stories and Scripts to Empower your Child”.  The goal of the book is to serve as a way for parents to help develop their child’s self-esteem. The stories will help inoculate your child against negative influences.

Each story is short and leads perfectly into discussion opportunities. My plan is to read one story each day with my kids and pick their brains about them. I’m so excited to start that!

**Action: Buy the book. Read it out loud with your kid(s) over the course of a few weeks.**


I’ve previously covered authentic relationship building and the right way to do networking, but today I want to give you a resource that is guaranteed to systematically grow authentic relationships.  I learned this premise from Michael Maher’s book, “7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals”.  Here are the basic steps:

  1. Block out 1 to 4 hours of time each week to talk one-on-one with people. Defend this time on your calendar at ALL COSTS.
  2. Use the same meeting location each time (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.). Try to meet at a locally owned business where turnover is likely to be less, and you can get to know the owner, manager, and employees. By doing this you will get the best service over and over AND you will form relationships with the people there. That’s a win-win.  Here’s where you’ll find me almost every Friday afternoon.
  3. Focus on meeting with interesting people that you can learn something from or to whom YOU can provide value.
  4. Schedule your meetings weeks in advance. Fill the pipeline with people that are driven and have a growth mindset.

I believe this one habit alone has been the greatest elevator to my knowledge, my business success, and my overall happiness. I have made new friends, business partners, clients, mentors, and mentees.

**Action: Scope out a few locations for your weekly one-on-ones. Choose one and get a month’s worth of meetings scheduled..**

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