Three Action Thursday

I Have COVID-19

This is not a true piece, more of a life update. 

While I wish it was just a catchy subject line, it’s not: as I write this, I am on Day 5 of my battle with the coronavirus. I wish I could report that it is just a personal battle, but unfortunately, every member of my immediate family is battling it, as well as my in-laws. (That’s me, my wife, my four kids, and my wife’s parents, ALL at more or less the same time.) 

None of us have been hospitalized, except for my mother-in-law who was already hospitalized for a bad gallbladder when she received her positive test. We will never be 100% certain where we contracted it, but it appears we likely picked it up at the hospital.

Although not an enjoyable illness by any means, it so far has not been close to the pain and uncomfortableness of a full-fledged stomach bug. However, the symptoms have been slightly different and at varying severities with each person. We’ve had a potpourri of the following: fever, chills, cough, light chest pressure, no taste/smell, headache, lack of appetite, and fatigue. 

We’re grateful for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

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