Growth Mindset Audit
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Growth Mindset Audit

Over a year ago I wrote a piece entitled Having a Growth Mindset in which I defined the term “growth mindset” and provided links to Carol Dweck’s book and research on the topic. If you are a longtime Three Action Thursday (3AT) reader and/or you just know me personally pretty well, you know that personal growth is important to me and is laced throughout much of 3AT’s content.

So this week I want to share with you 3AT’s Growth Mindset Audit. It is a quick way to determine where you are in your personal/professional growth journey.

Growth Mindset Audit


  1. Take the audit and determine your score.
  2. Think about where you are in your personal journey and formulate a plan to increase your score.
  3. Email me and share your score. Let me know too if you plan to do anything to adjust your score upwards.**

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