Three Action Thursday

Are you an Eventual Millionaire?

I was blessed to be interviewed by Jaime Masters for Eventual Millionaire. She did a great job of pulling out many of my personal and business philosophies. I had so much fun doing the show!

Jaime’s show is for people who strive for personal and professional success. She interviews net worth millionaires in hopes of inspiring her listeners/watchers. I’m always a bit uncomfortable talking about my own successes, no one likes a braggart. Honestly, I am a product of much of what I type in Three Action Thursday pieces week after week. I am evolving and growing; hopefully just like you! I share the video in hopes that it will inspire you to mash the gas pedal and double down on your efforts.. Enjoy!

Highlights in the video

  • I share my philosophy on slow and intentional business growth.
  • I briefly discuss how my personal life and business life meld together.
  • I praise my wife who is my rock.
  • Lastly, my favorite part of the video is where I share with Jaime how I used her show as motivation and knew one day I would be on the show.


  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Document your top 3 takeaways.
  3. What are you going to change in your life, so that you can become a better version of yourself?**

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