Three Action Thursday

My Birthday Illness

March 3rd is my birthday. I had a great few days with my family and I scheduled all my adulting appointments/meetings. I like to use my birthday as an opportunity to reset and make sure I am doing ALL these “adult” things. Plus I want you guys to know that I practice what I preach. So here is my Friday March 22nd schedule (Dental, Physical, and Eye)…

Pauls Adulting To Do List

So in honor of my birthday, I got SICK!!!  I don’t get sick too often, typically a cold that I can battle through, but the night after my birthday I got nauseous and was running a low grade fever. I like to think this is God’s way of forcing me to take a day off. So I basically laid in bed recovering until nearly 2pm the next day. So needless to say, I’m a bit behind this week. So I apologize for being short on content for this piece. Lastly, no I was NOT hungover. Although it did kind of feel like that plus a temperature.



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