Three Action Thursday

Overwhelmed, Spent, But Still Dreaming

So today, I want to get pretty personal. As my companies have grown and my family’s needs have changed, I’ve been struggling lately with a bit of “why me”, imposter syndrome, and feeling overwhelmed.

From time to time these feelings pay me a visit, and I’m sure they affect many of you too. To bounce back as quickly as possible, ultimately I look to a few human resources: my wife, my men’s group, fellow business owners, etc. But I also make sure I am pumping myself up with content that stretches me a bit and reminds me that these feelings are short term and that there is a greater plan or vision for where I am heading than where I am now.

This week, I’ve put together a variety of content. I think it will resonate with you for a few different reasons.

Please enjoy!!!

Free Solo (Documentary) – Alex Honnold is a gifted mountain climber. He is also one of the few climbers in the world who practices free solo climbing (no ropes). The documentary covers his journey to free solo climb El Capitan. It’s an incredible movie. The visuals are amazing but the risks are real. My wife and I previewed the movie and then let our kids watch it the next night. Great family movie! If you need more of a reason, this movie just won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

The Unfair Advantage of Going Through Hell (1:50) by Patrick Bet David – A short and sweet video that reminds us that no matter what are going through in life, we can leverage to be our best selves.

Sailing Zatara (Webpage | YouTube) – We sometimes feel like we are locked into our lives (careers, mortgages, kids’ school schedules, etc.). I’ve personally been looking for people who have bucked that norm and done something different. In Sailing Zatara, you’ll meet a family of 6 who sold everything to sail around the world. They are on year two, and they put out weekly YouTube videos documenting their journeys and adventures.

The Need for Having a Clear Purpose (6:37) by Jocko Willink – Jocko is a retired Navy Seal, speaker, podcaster, and author. In fact, he’s got some great books, especially for kids! But in this video, Jocko shares his own personal story about his “why” and reminds us that we must have a purpose in life to stay fulfilled.


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