Three Action Thursday

My “Diary of a Doer”….

I am currently on spring break with my family, getting some much needed rest and relaxation. I never need a break from sharing knowledge, though, and wanted to make sure I gave you something to do while I am away!

I was blessed recently to go on my good friend Trivinia Barber’s podcast called Diary of a Doer. Trivinia is a top-notch human being with an incredible personal story that includes a challenging upbringing and…. She has an amazing entrepreneurial story as well. I’m not only a huge Trivinia fan, but I am a client of her business. If you need help scaling and could utilize an assistant, I encourage you to reach out to Trivinia and her company, PriorityVA.

We delved into a number of topics during the podcast, and discussed them through a different lens than any other podcast in which I’ve participated. In the episode, you’ll hear about my journey into entrepreneurship and how I learned early on that the secret to success is to have a “servant heart” in leadership.


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