Three Action Thursday

Reflection and Introspection

Sometimes it is good to step out from the everyday hustle and grind to reflect on our blessings and look introspectively on what we have accomplished and the experiences and relationships we have had.

While Three Action Thursday has always been a way for me to give back to others, it has also pushed me to continue my own personal and professional development. I shared a little about that in a piece I wrote earlier this year called My Story.

Over the last year, an additional way I have been trying to share value is by telling my story on various podcasts. If you want to hear more about my journey, you can listen or watch here:

Eventual Millionaire with Jaime Masters

I talk about my transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur, how I run my business and family life, and how I hire and manage employees.

Diary of a Doer with Trivinia Barber

I talk about my (reluctant) journey into entrepreneurship and how I learned early on that the secret to success is to have a “servant heart” in leadership.

Real Estate Deep Dive with Kara MacDonald

I give advice for those who are straddling two careers either by necessity or by choice, as well as how I manage time blocking, work-life balance and handling urgent work situations.

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