Three Action Thursday

Giving Everyone a Gift on MY Birthday

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday! So today I am offering YOU a gift. I delve into self-awareness and how to grow in it (mostly free), a video I am watching that provides me with food for thought, and of course, three awesome quotes to consider for your life. Enjoy! Don’t forget to join our 3AT Facebook Group too!

A Concept I’m Pondering

If I could give everyone a gift, it would be additional self-awareness. I actually think it is something that can be practiced and learned if you are intentional about it. In most cases, by learning about yourself and how to be more self-aware you will put yourself in a position to understand and be more empathetic to others. Win-win!

I actually think a simple method to expand your self-awareness is to take personality tests. They force you to be introspective and the result allows you to understand your own behaviors and actions better. So here are some great examples of ones you could do in the comfort of your own home.

Kolbe – Kolbe is great because it allows you to discover your own strengths and inherently by learning their technique you’ll be able to spot these traits in others.

Myers-Briggs – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been around for a long time. I made my entire family take a simple online quiz in it. The results were eye-opening and definitely helped us understand how to better interact with one another.

DiSC – This personal profile test will rate you in four categories: (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness and (C)onscientiousness, building a mosaic of how you are across them. Super interesting!

Want to really develop self-awareness? Take all THREE tests!

A Video I’m Watching

I definitely like to leverage stoic techniques in my everyday life. Ryan Holiday did an interview on FoxNews. Here’s the before, during, and after video of Ryan’s experience talking about moral courage. With everything going on in Ukraine with Russia’s invasion, this is very interesting!

Quotes to Consider

Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it. 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, and poet

Remember everything you do gets better with practice.

~ Author Unknown

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. 

~ Nora Ephron, American journalist, writer, and filmmaker

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