Three Action Thursday

I Spent $30k and I should have spent more!

Let’s get down to business. In this post I am going to cover:

  1. Why I spent over $30,000 on relationships
  2. Suggested Personal Finance Content
  3. How to Create Super Human Kids


In 2017, I spent over $30,000 on relationships (don’t tell my wife). Let me break it down to the top 5 of a larger list:

  1. Mastermind Talks: A week with 150 hand-picked entrepreneurs.
  2. CADRE: A year’s worth of experiences with highly driven people located near me in Washington DC.
  3. Friday Lunches/Meetings: Nearly every Friday from 11:30am to 4:00pm I just meet with people.
  4. Beach vacation with two other families.
  5. Church-related groups/conferences/activities/charities.

And here’s why I did it? In an effort to become a better human being, I honestly believe one must spend time with other people who have a growth mindset in the area that one wishes to improve. Simply, you HAVE to hangout with people who are doing it or have already done it. And you HAVE to go places where you are going to find them. Wandering through life and hoping you will trip over them is like going to the club to find a mate with like morals. Sure you may find “the one” there but odds are not in your favor.

**Action: What is the one area in your life where you want to grow? Find a group/place that will help you increase the odds of finding others with the same passion (Clubs,, Church, etc.).**


I’ve been recommending a ton of books in previous 3AT posts, you can find the list on this resource page. But I thought for this episode I would focus on blog and podcast content.

General Finance

Financial Independence/Early Retirement (FIRE)

Real Estate Investing

BiggerPockets ( Blog and Podcast

**Action: Pick a few pieces of content from the list above and explore. See if you can learn something and potentially implement it in your life.**


So I personally believe our kids are our #1 asset, our legacy, and second to your significant other the most important human relationship you should have.

So, I have to tell you about this incredible book I read. It’s called “The Family Board Meeting” by Jim Sheils. This book can help you begin connecting, deepening and strengthening the relationship with your children. Using the simple strategies in this book, busy entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals will be able to re-ground and re-balance their relationships with their children.

**Action: Read The Family Board Meeting book. Implement some of the tactics. If not, at a minimum establish a communication rhythm with your kids.**

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