Three Action Thursday

Bite-Sized Content

I want to share some amazing video content with you this week! Each piece may not speak directly to you, but they will engage and challenge much of what we hear and see in society today. Pick at least one piece of content from each domain below and really spend some time listening. At least one of these will open up your mind to a new idea or challenge an old thought paradigm you had.


Build Authentic Relationships

How to Establish Trust When Building Relationships (1:38 minutes)- Author and speaker Simon Sinek talks about what it takes to be trusted or loved.

Communication Skills – Deep Conversations (7:20 minutes) – A very prescriptive look at how to hold deep conversations in order to build relationships with others.

Personal Development

Three “I Am” Success Beliefs (14:44 minutes) – Personal development speaker and author Brendon Burchard challenges the viewer to see if they are truly working on their success beliefs.

Self Awareness, Self Assessment, and Self Improvement (3:58 minutes) – Former Navy Seal, author, and podcaster Jocko Willink covers his views on self improvement and gives an excellent framework on how to tackle it.

Personal Finance

Are Money And Wealth Evil? (5:51 minutes) – Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey debunks the fallacy that money and wealth are evil. He takes a heavy biblical stance on this.

How to be Happy Without Money (9:27 minutes) – In this video successful entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk gives you a dose of blunt honesty: you have to LOVE the process, the money should not matter.

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