Three Action Thursday

The Biggest Disability….

Last week I wrote a piece on the necessity of pain and suffering. At the core of that piece was the ideal that your pain and suffering make you human and your reactions to life’s challenges are driven by your mindset. So I think this week’s piece dovetails nicely…

“…The biggest disability is a bad mindset…”

Meet Nick Santonastasso. Nick was born with no legs and one arm, and that one arm has only one finger. He has experienced physical pain, including surgeries such as the one he elected to have against his parents’ and doctor’s recommendation so he could wrestle in high school. As you would suspect, he has also experienced mental pain as he’s worked to figure out his purpose in life and how to overcome the challenges he’s been given.

Nick Santonastasso

Nick has become an accomplished speaker and author. Feel free to check out his book, “Victim to Victor” to learn the ins and outs of his early life and how he has responded to life’s adversities.

I was introduced to Nick via a YouTube show I watch called Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. Nick’s episode on Impact Theory was tremendous from beginning to end. His energy is amazing, and he’ll have you realizing that no matter how broken you are or how challenging your problems are, in the grand scheme of things we are truly blessed just to exist.

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