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Thanks for being a part of the Three Action Thursday Community! Last week we raised hundreds of dollars as a community for Defy Ventures. There is still time to contribute. Read my piece from last week, Sparrow in the Razor Wire, to find out how to help.

There is no hiding the fact that I think increasing your financial intelligence, building authentic relationships, and having a growth mindset when it comes to your personal/professional development are important. I’ve built Three Action Thursday around that entire concept.

I think any experience, person, or thing that has helped me get to this point of satisfaction in my “life’s journey” can be put into one of these three categories:

1. Personal Finance

2. Building Authentic Relationships

3. Personal/Professional Development

I concentrate my routines and daily habits purposefully on deepening my knowledge and expertise in these three areas. I enjoy “stacking” them whenever possible: taking advantage of opportunities where two or even three of them can overlap.

Here are some of my thoughts and tactics regarding each one:

Personal Finance 

This is the one that the majority of us tend to focus on the most. Personal finance is easy to systematize, and there are actions that yield measurable results; that is why so many Reddit and YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, etc. tend to have it as their topic. If you learn about personal finance and are able to consistently implement the tactics, you are going to see a positive change in your net worth (keeping all other things constant). The return on investment (ROI) in this area is easily quantifiable.

While the ROI for the other two areas are far less quantifiable, I would argue that does NOT make them less important…

Building Authentic Relationships 

There is an incredible power in the meeting of two people – without any preconceived notions – that are willing to share information with one another with no regard for receiving something in return. I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of these types of conversations, and the number of times where a business opportunity, partnership, promotion, new job, or even just a solid, new actionable idea resulted is just too bountiful to ignore. Aware of the gravity of such encounters, I have been blessed to both give and receive these opportunities for building authentic relationships.

A shared personal tactic: I schedule anywhere from one to four meetings each week, typically on Fridays. From lunchtime until about 4:00pm – generally at the same restaurant – I just meet with people. Sometimes I am mentoring or being mentored, but some of my favorite ones are simply with other “over-achievers,” just getting to know one another even better. I’ve had these sorts of meetings consistently for the past five years.

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Personal/Professional Development

Many people take their foot off the gas when it comes to continually learning and developing new talents or expanding existing ones after formal schooling has ended for them. One enters a career and often “settles in.” I personally have pushed myself to be a lifelong learner. This will look different for each person, but it can include earning further degrees or certifications, reading, or engaging with other media content (Reddit, YouTube, etc.).

A shared personal tactic: Through Audible, I listen to nearly 25 books each year, almost entirely consisting of non-fiction/autobiographies, growth mindset material, and business books. I struggle reading for long periods of time, but while doing office tasks or riding in my car I can absorb a whole lot of positive content through my ears.


  1. Read and support the author highlighted in last week’s piece with a book purchase. It will go a long way to help more people be redeemed and forgiven.

  2. Identify in which of these three areas you think you are lacking. Brainstorm and adopt a habit or routine that strengthens that area.

  3. Do you agree with my premise on the importance of these three tenets? Have successful tactics of your own that would help others? I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email or share your thoughts in our Facebook group. **

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