Three Action Thursday

The Election is a Waste of Time

It is harder than ever to build and deepen authentic relationships.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but our cultural climate seems pretty divided, and we are incredibly distracted. Distraction takes us away from living our best life – a purpose driven life – and weakens our ability to deepen relationships with others. 

Voting is an obligation that all United States citizens should take very seriously. It’s a privilege our nation affords us that not all people of the world have. However, unless your job involves the political process or you are TRULY an undecided voter, the election coverage is a complete distraction. A large majority of us have already decided who we are going to vote for. Voting is a one-time event every voting cycle. Participating in social media posts, debates, and general news media takes us away from more important life tasks and actions. In fact, I would argue that participating just further drives division rather than unifying our society. 

My “circle of interest” is very large and I am often sucked in by what is going on in Washington, DC and in our nation in general, but then I very quickly realize that I cannot directly impact those things. Focusing on my “circle of influence” is a better use of my time. By focusing on my “circle of influence” I can better the lives of others, myself, and my family. 

We are meant to be unified. Diversity on it’s own does not necessarily strengthen our society; I think this election cycle has clearly shown us that. Diversity, when used to solve a common problem or achieve a shared goal, creates unity. I can love my neighbors regardless of their political and social views.  We need to take time to focus on the characteristics of our society that bring us together, not those that divide us.


  1. Quickly audit your time. Are you spending too much time focusing on things in your “circle of interest” rather than your “circle of influence”?
  2. Rather than sowing seeds of political division, is there something unifying you can post on your social media feed(s)?
  3. Identify an action you can take in your community that strengthens it (no matter how small).**

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