Three Action Thursday

Build Yourself an Off-Ramp

Last week’s post called Action Changes Things had a TON of engagement.

If you missed it, check it out! I would be honored if you read it. It’ll take you two minutes!

HERE WE GO! This week I want to expand on the Action theme and ‘prove to you’ OR ‘give you permission to do’ two things in life: either have a second interest OR just do something to earn additional money for yourself and/or your family.

Options Just AheadIt has NEVER, in the history of the world, been easier to do two things or be dual career. Technology (primarily the internet) has made it ridiculously easy to pursue a second interest, have a side hustle, or build an eventual “off-ramp” for your future self.

When I started working as a Realtor while I was an engineer at Lockheed Martin, I felt a lot of fear that people would not take me seriously. Going deeper, though, it was really a personal fear that it was not ‘ok’ to do two things, and that by doing two things, I would not be “giving my all” to my career. A book called “One Person / Multiple Careers: The Original Guide to the Slash Career” by Marci Alboher served to give me permission to try it. The book explores the lives of a variety of people and gives examples of individuals who are wildly successful in two completely different domains at the same time.  Seeing that other people had done it allowed me to grant myself permission to do “something on the side”. The choice to push myself into a second industry has completely changed my life, and the lives of my wife and children. It has allowed us to rid ourselves of debt, supercharge our retirement, help build a school in Uganda, and put a ton away for the kids’ college expenses. The other added benefit was security.  The diversification of income sources created an off ramp for me when my main source of income (Lockheed Martin) disappeared while I started my IT Business.

Here are some interesting examples of ways to make additional cash:

For more ideas or side hustle content, check out my past piece on developing a Side Hustle (see the personal finance section for more information).

**Actions: Identify a few things you could do to earn just an extra $1,000 and share them with someone. Feel free to email me – I would love to hear your ideas.**

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