Three Action Thursday


I need others to keep me accountable. 

When I reflect on my personal and professional successes, I have noticed that I work better when someone expects me to be somewhere or to do something. I work most efficiently with a calendar full of scheduled appointments, meetings, and personal events. I’ve been blessed to have accomplished so many of my personal and professional goals over the last two or three years and I believe it is because I discovered this as personal best practice.

The next 12 months may be my most challenging ever. I have lofty goals for Leverage Information Technologies and True North Realty, but my most trying goals for 2020 are going to be all about my health. I have some near term tasks to accomplish in order to develop a solid health plan for the year.  I intend to schedule them ASAP so that having the appointments on the books will ensure the tasks receive my attention.

Here is what I am hoping to accomplish in the next 90 days:

  1. List the Known Health Issues
  2. Identify Unknown Issues/Get a Baseline
  3. Develop a Plan with Professionals

To accomplish the three items above, I see the need to schedule the following appointments:

  • Dentist
  • Optometrist
  • Dermatologist
  • Physical Therapy/Functional Movement Test
  • Annual Physical with Standard Blood Tests
  • Holistic Evaluation with an Integrative Physician 

I’m not BIG on New Year’s resolutions; however, I need to do some things differently when it comes to my health. I may update you periodically on my journey since I see this community as a place that I can be accountable. 


  1. What is the BIG THING you have been putting off that needs to get done?
  2. What steps in the next 90 days are you going to take to make this change?
  3. Share your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions with our 3AT Facebook Group. How can this community help you in the area of accountability?

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