Three Action Thursday

So I Took a Break…

I’m baaaack!

Greetings (insert name)!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not written a piece in a while. I don’t necessarily feel like I have to give an explanation (after all, this IS a free newsletter!); however, I will explain on account of some worried emails and texts I received from people wondering if I was ok. Ultimately, I just took a break. Lots of crazy world events and most of it caused me to focus intently on the emotional state of the core group of people in my life including my family, my employees, my friends, and my business relationships. I guess you could say I decided to focus on my actual relationships rather than providing content around relationship-building, personal/professional development, and finance. Or maybe a better explanation is that I was creatively paralyzed with everything that was going on.

In writing this first piece in a while, I really sat for a long time and contemplated sharing my thoughts end to end on a lot of things (e.g. COVID, racial inequality in America, politics, and the economy). While some of you likely would have enjoyed that, I suspect some of you would not have. At this point, I honestly don’t feel educated enough to formulate a value-add opinion. I have not been watching/reading the news, nor have I dug into any empirical data or sought out experts for their opinions. Currently, I feel like this newsletter – and for the most part, my life – is centered around specific interests and therefore I am going to stay in my lane. If you would like my opinions on world events, I am happy to chat with you individually or in a small group.

Lastly, I think there is a lot of value in “taking breaks”, but I am not one who particularly enjoys taking their foot off the gas pedal. Bad habits creep in, it’s hard to start or restart the good habits, and a general lack of “creating” or “building” something is not good for my mental or physical health. So, with that being said…I’m back. I can’t promise you I won’t take another break from writing, but for now, I’m back and looking forward to continuing to provide content that is helpful toward developing a growth mindset and actively working toward your goals.

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