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Three Men & Their Content Part 2

Last week, I took five Three Action Thursday readers to the Ultimate Wealth and Achievement Summit hosted by the National Achievers Congress that was held just outside of Washington, DC on the campus of George Mason University. Over 6,000 people attended the live event which lasted from 8:00am until 7:30pm.

It was a long day for sure: seven speakers total, five of which I would say were entertaining and able to teach you something, while two seemed very “snake oil salesmen”-like, pitching their product/service right from the stage.

I asked each person who attended to give me their takeaways and key quotes/thoughts:

John S.

  1. “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few…” There are millions of souls that are thirsting for the Love of God but don’t know that it is what they are thirsting for and where to find it.
  2. What people can do is amazing; what they usually do is boring.
  3. Loving the Process is the game.
  4. Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed.
  5. If you wait in life to be fully prepared, you will always wait.

Dan F.

  1. There are 2 keys for success for any business: 1) Understand who is the ideal customer and what is it that they actually want and need, and 2) What is the single, irresistible offer that will convert a customer into a buyer. The example of Zappos really resonated with me because I remember thinking that people would never buy shoes online; little did I know that he included an “irresistible offer” of free returns for any shoe ordered online through Zappos. (This also really resonated because it’s the third time I have heard these “keys to success”. Most notably, I remember watching Jeff Bezos’s interview on 60 Minutes in 1999 and he said that Amazon is “in love with their customers and understanding everything about what they want, need, and desire.”)
  2. Energy and Focus are key ingredients to success and they work together. Where you focus is where energy goes and energy grows. Also, I found Tony’s quote about business life extremely important: “if you support life, then life supports you.” In my business, I am focused on defining my business model and going to market. I found a person who is a great potential partner. By supporting him and his business, he has in turn supported me and brought tremendous life to my business. I took the first step and went in faith to support his business. That first step was hard… I think our nature is to be skeptical of people and that has actually really hurt me in the past and I have missed out on opportunities.
  3. Maintaining my State of Mind is critical to growing my business because I need to lead the team and embody the values and ideals of my company. The State of Mind is influenced by Physiology (how we use our body) and Focus (what we focus on and what we believe in). From “State of Mind” flows actions and behaviors. Results (or lack thereof) are derived from actions and behaviors.
    • This whole framework really made sense from the experiential exercises that he makes the crowd go through. Everyone has nearly the EXACT same characteristics when they intentionally act totally disinterested in someone. Then, people have similar characteristics when they act totally interested in someone. These are universal truths and we are communicating ALL THE TIME with our bodies.
    • My State of Mind is completely related to waking up early and working out. My whole day typically goes awesome! Why don’t I do it every day? I am not disciplined and focused. I am changing everything about my life so that I wake up every day at 5:15am. I’ll work out on days that my wife doesn’t work out (she already does this and has had phenomenal results).

Parm A.

  1. Goal-setting
    • Goal without timeline is just a dream
    • Difficult to achieve something without setting a realistic goal with milestones.
  2. Focus
    • Focus equals feeling – Focus feels like reality to the individual – Where focus goes energy grows
    • You can see this personally with activities, or organizationally with parts of a project that people care about. Personally, you can’t stop going to work because you are getting in shape; organizationally as a leader you need to make sure that people realize their contributions are valued no matter what their role is.
  3. Fulfillment
    • Art of Fulfillment – “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”
    • The discussions about Robin Williams were very poignant. I still remember being at work and seeing it on a TV screen when I went out to get water and feeling shocked. Linking it to his lack of fulfillment was an interesting viewpoint that I need to take some time to process and figure out how I am similar.

Eric V.

  1. If you wait until you’re fully prepared to do something, you’ll wait forever
  2. Anyone can learn how to flip eBay products by buying them wholesale and reselling on Amazon
  3. Social media is very important in the realm of business in terms of advertising and interacting with the customer.
  4. Your state is your energy level; it influences your decisions and is controlled by focus and your physiology. A better state leads to better decisions.
  5. Writing down what an extraordinary life would be for you and what actions you can take to get there will help you achieve it.

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