Three Action Thursday

You Are Called

Last month I invited you to jump in on the next three books the Three Action Thursday Community is planning to read. Here’s my take on the second book, Called to Create by Jordan Raynor.

My book summary in two sentences:

  1. Called To Create This book dispels the myth that unless you’re a pastor, missionary, or a church volunteer, you’re not doing God’s work.
  2. Our highest calling is to leverage our God-given gifts and skills to help others and become the best version of ourselves.

Three Action Thursday Takeaways:

  1. Work is a vocation. We are called to work daily. The book centers a lot on entrepreneurship, but the examples I think are beneficial for everyone whether you have a full time job with a company or you are starting a side hustle.
  2. The variety of ways that people are using their gifts to provide value to others is incredible. From selling shoes to selling chicken sandwiches, the book gives the reader such an interesting variety of businesses and artistic endeavors to read about and draw inspiration.
  3. Money and success were by-products of each individual’s willingness to live for others. Some kept it, while some gave it all away. Everyone’s calling is different, but I do believe we are called to share with others our talents, gifts, and knowledge.

Life Changing “Aha Moment”:

The book changed the definition of the word “entrepreneur” for me, and reaffirmed my belief that being a leader or starting a company should be for the service of others.

The author defines entrepreneur as “anyone who takes a risk to create something new for the good of others.” If you can create something that provides value to someone else or provides them a service, you are seeking the highest and best use of your God-given talents and gifts for the benefit of others and His kingdom.


  1. Read Called to Create.
  2. Here’s a talk by Jordan Raynor called “The First Entrepreneur”.
  3. Write down some of your gifts and talents that you might provide to others through God’s call to create.**


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